Amazon Warehouse Seasonal jobs! $24 per hour!

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JOBS: Amazon to hire ‘hundreds and hundreds’ locally for holidays
Amazon Warehouse Seasonal jobs! $24 per hour!

Applications are being accepted and hiring events are being planned as the company ramps up for the holiday season. Nationwide, it expects to create 100,000 temporary jobs.

Amazon is taking applications for temporary warehouse jobs as the company ramps up its seasonal hiring.

The online shopping giant announced Tuesday, Oct. 20, that it is creating 100,000 holiday jobs nationwide — 20,000 more than last year.



Thousands of those jobs will be in California but the company doesn’t break down the numbers by region or site, Amazon spokeswoman Ashley Robinson said in a phone interview.

“Obviously we have quite a large presence in the Inland Empire … so we will be hiring for hundreds and hundreds of associates,” she said.


“That’s what enables Sunday delivery in certain regions,” Robinson said.

On its fulfillment jobs website, Amazon has positions posted for warehouse associates in Moreno Valley and San Bernardino. The pay is $11.75 per hour with weekly paychecks.