Best and Highest Paying Teen Jobs

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Best and Highest Paying Teen Job


When American teens come pouring out of high school this month, they’ll enter a better seasonal job market than the country has seen in years. During and after the Great Recession, jobs were scarce, especially for the youngest. Now, the U.S. jobless rate hit a 15-year low in April, and entry-level positions are freeing up. Youth unemployment is down to 18%, after being stuck around 25% for seven years.



Teen summer jobs have fallen out of favor among many ambitious, college-bound kids of professional parents. They take courses, pursue athletics and do internships instead, seeking a competitive edge. But with the youth seasonal job-market improving, the benefits of a summer job are coming back into focus – especially ones on our list, with above-average paychecks and availability. Summer job skills are also resume-worthy, catching college admissions officers’ attention.